Project 3 proposal

02 November, 2019

Descriptive title

Welcome to your world: Choose, create, and play!

General description of the project including why VR or AR will be beneficial here

We love customizing items to show our creativity or to have and be around things we like. However, there are limitations in the real world. You may love elephants but you can't have one running in your living room, right? Consider this application an escape from the real world, letting you create the kind of virtual world you want and then enter into it. Each world you create will have at least one simple game for you to play. You can choose to roam around and relax in your world you just created and/or play the game.

Virtual Reality will be useful in this project to create an immersive experience for the user so they actually believe that they are in the world they have created and can de-stress and relax.

Which hardware platform or platforms you want to develop your application for

HTC Vive + Desktop

What software you plan to use to write the application

What, specifically, are you going to create:

When the application starts the user will be in a small room, possibly behind a counter and will have the items in front of them to create the kind of world they desire. The user will pick options and put them in a tray or box and click on a button to create and enter the world.
The user will have the following options to pick up:
  1. Base terrain/environment:
    • Forest
    • Indoor space
    • Beach/ Island
  2. Timing:
    • Day: depicted by a sun
    • Night: depicted by a moon
  3. Items to add:
    • Animals
    • People: children or adults
    • Plants
    • Television, radios, laptop, gaming gear
    • Furniture: sofa, table,chairs
    • Vending machines
    • Huts
    • Shells
    • Crabs
    • Mats
    • Beach balls
    • Musical instruments
In each of the terrains/environment, the user will have one simple game to play/interact with. The indoor space will have a bowling game, forest will have an Axe Throwing game and the beach will have a game to shoot balloons/cans at a stall. Each terrain will have a few default interactive objects that suits the environment.
Who is on your team:

I will be developing this project independently and will be responsible for all aspects of this project.

Links to any datasets or libraries or archives of images or objects that you plan to use

Environments will be either picked from Unity Asset store or created by picking the appropriate models.
Models may be picked from any of these three places: For models not available or customizations required, Blender will be used.

Sounds may be picked from any of these places: For modifying any audio recorded/created by me, Audacity will be used.

Base implementation for mimicing movements and other functionalities will be taken from Professor Andy Johnson's Project 2 (Takin' Care of Business)

Sample Terrains:



Indoor environment may represent either a gym room or an living room space and will be similar to Andy Johnson's office space referenced above.

*The general topic was decided by brainstorming with Ivan Lopez and Andrew Kzark at LSRI (UIC) and a few details were refined with Kushagradi Bhowmik (UIC)
*There might be changes made to the terrains and different or more objects may be made available for the user to add to their world but the base concept of the project will remain the same.