Project 2: Takin' Care of Business

21 October, 2019

This is the Virtual Reality application that I have developed and was a lot of fun to build. In this project, you get to walk around an office that has been created by the professor Andrew Johnson. My task was to design my own cubicle and a common area (graduate level requirement). Moreover, the user has been given options to turn small like antman or larger like a giant and look down upon the office space.
You can run this application with Vive + a PC or using the simulator.

Demo Video:

Alpha version demo video:

Source Code: Github link

Downloading and setting up the project to run:

Please download the source code from Github.
Make sure you have Unity installed or download it here. I have developed this on Unity version: 2019.2.8f1
  1. Download the zipped files from the master branch
  2. Unzip the files into a directory of your preference
  3. Navigate into the unzipped folder, it will be named 'Office-space-master'
  4. Unzip the VRTK folder and save it in the Assets folder
  5. Open Unity Hub --> click on Add--> Select the folder 'Office-space-master' and click on Ok
  6. In the project hierarchy, go to Assets-->Scenes and open the officescene.unity file

  7. To run the application on the Vive, make sure 'SimulatedCameraRig' is unchecked and 'UnityXRCameraRig' is checked before clicking play.
    To run the application on the simulator, make sure 'UnityXRCameraRig' is unchecked and 'SimulatedCameraRig' is checked before clicking play.

    Navigating through the Space using buttons:

    While you can physically walk around in the space, you can also teleport and use the controller buttons to interact and play with objects in the space. You can use the buttons for the following:

    Tools Used:


    In the common area (lobby):
    1. Vending machine: Touch the vending machine to hear a sound and a coke can pop out
    2. Button on the table: Touch the button on the table to see a pokemon- Jigglypuff appear
    3. Touch/push the soft pillar next to the table
    In the cubicle:
    1. For the regular sized player:
      1. Touch the laptop on the desk to start it. Removing your hand from there will switch it off
      2. Touch the umbrella resting on the hook to open it up. Touching the open umbrella will shut it
      3. Touch the desk phone to make it ring
      4. Go close and touch the headphones to hear what's playing on it
      5. Touch,move,throw the coca cola can. An aluminium can crunch sound accompanies it
      6. Touch, move, push the chair. A sound accompanies it
      7. Touch, move, throw the bouncy ball on the desk next to the plant

    2. For the smaller sized player:
      1. Touch, move, grab, throw the cookie colored frisbee
      2. Touch,move, grab, throw the red toy car
      3. Touch, move, throw the red pen
      4. Touch, move, grab, throw the set of keys
      5. Touch, rotate the ship in the bottle
      6. Touch, move, grab the tissue paper box

      The smaller sized player can also touch the vending machine in the lobby to get a coke can.


    Top View of the office with direction to my cubicle from the lobby

    Entrance of the Cubicle

    Objects at the side of the desk

    Touching the switched off laptop turns it on

    Touching the umbrella opens it and touching it again shuts it

    Lobby(common area)

    View of the table in the lobby with fruit basket, TV, button, chairs

    Vending Machine in the lobby

    View of the office as a giant

    Lobby (common area) from the perspective of the small person

    View of the office from the perspective of the small person

    View of the cubicle from the perspective of the small person

    Assets used


    1. Chair: Source
    2. Laptop: Source
    3. Mouse Source
    4. Desk phone: Source
    5. Minion: Source
    6. Trophy: Source
    7. Red Mug: Self
    8. Stack of papers: Source
    9. Copper Bottle: Self
    10. Sunglasses: Source
    11. Globe: Source
    12. Headphones: Self
    13. Trash paper basket: Self

    1. Hook: Source
    2. Coke can: Source
    3. Candy jar: Source
    4. Plant: Source
    5. Plant pot: Source
    6. Ball: Source
    7. Umbrella: closed & openSource

    From the perspective of the person with 6" height:
    1. Pen: Source
    2. Toy CarSource
    3. Bottle with shipSource
    4. Cookie colored frisbee: Self
    5. Tissue boxSource
    6. Keys: Self
    7. Cat slipperSource

    Lobby (common area):

    1. Table: Source
    2. Chairs: Source
    3. Pokemon Jigglypuff: Source
    4. Button: Source
    5. TV: Source
    6. Rubix style punching pillar: Source
    7. Fruit basket: Source

    1. Vending Machine: Source
    2. Coke can: Source


    The following sounds have been taken from YouTube's audio library
    1. Background score: Happytoseeyou by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
    2. Song playing on the headphones: Summer by JHS Pedals
    3. Swoosh: Source
    4. Car cruising hand out window: Source
    5. Aluminium can crunch series: Source

    The following sounds are taken from soundbible
    1. Phone ringing: Source
    2. Tearing paper: Source
    3. Keys: Source
    4. Drawer opening sound (used for the chair): Source
    5. Beep ping: Source

    1. Two directional lights in the cubicle
    2. One point light at the shelf in the cubicle
    3. One directional light at the lobby(common entrance area)

    Everything that is developed apart from those listed on this page including the office layout and structure has been developed by the professor Andrew Johnson and is part of Project 2 assigned for his class CS 428

    Discussion here