Project 1: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass

23 September, 2019

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a very popular novel by Lewis Carrol that tells the story of a girl who follows a rabbit into a rabbit hole and meets creatures with peculiar personalities. The next extension- Through the Looking Glass, plays with logic as well. This is a tale enjoyed by children and adults alike.

I chose this book for my project on Augmented Reality because I found the characters to be very visually appealing. This project aims to augment details of a book that would urge you to read it.

When you point your camera (hopefully, AR glasses soon) at the front page of the book, the tea party scene from the book pops up. You see some animation as well- the teapot moves back and forth, and so does the mad hatter's hat. Augmented text with the book's name and author is displayed as well. There is a virtual button too such that when you click on it, the Cheshire cat urges you to read the book.

The augmentation for the back cover is limited to mostly text- name and details of the book, two reviews, and a video review. This is available in two languages- English and Hindi. Users can press the virtual button to change the language.

Demo Video:

Source Code: Github link

How to use:

Please download the source code from Github. Make sure you have Unity installed or download it here.
  1. Download the zipped files from the master branch
  2. Unzip the files into a directory of your preference
  3. Go to Assets-->Scenes and open the TeaParty.unity file with Unity application
  4. Start your webcam (or use droidcam from your android phone) and push the play botton.
  5. Keep the front or back cover in front of the camera. You can either use the book or find the images here.

Front cover button: To hear the Cheshire cat speak, please tap around the author's name 'Lewis Carroll' on the front cover.
Back cover button: To switch between languages, please tap around the right hand side corner of the barcode.

Tools Used:


First screen that pops up when you scan the front cover of the book

Tea party scene with Alice, March Hare, Mad Hatter and other models- glass, table, teapot, tea cups. Mad hatter's hat and the teapot are titled as part of the animation

Same tea party scene as above but with Mad Hatter's hat and teapot back to original position

Combining the the last two images along with this one shows you the animation of the Mad Hatter's hat and the teapot

This is Cheshire cat- the spokespearson for the book. When you press the button next to him, he will pop up and urge you to read the book

First screen that pops up when you scan the back cover of the book. It shows the name of the book, author,publication, number of pages.
Two textual reviews and a video review are also displayed.
Pressing the virtual button takes us to the next image.

Pressing the virtual button changes all the information displayed to a second language- Hindi. Pressing the button again will change it back to English

Assets used

Front page scene

  1. Alice: Source
  2. Table: Source (Yellow material added)
  3. Teapot: Self using tutorial
  4. Mad Hatter: Source
  5. March Hare: Source
  6. Cheshire Cat: Source
  7. Grass: Source
  8. Empty teacup: Source
  9. Filled teacup Source

Back page scene

  1. Stars: Source

  1. Background score: Home Base Groove by Kevin MacLeod
  2. Chesire Cat: Self

  1. English review: Self
  2. Hindi review: Self

Discussion here